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Bucharest is the largest city of Romania, with o population over 2 million people. It lies on the bank of Dâmbovița River and is situated in the south eastern part of the Romanian Plain, in an area once covered by the Vlăsiei forest, which, after it was cleared, gave way for a fertile flatland. Bucharest has a transitional climate, with hot dry summer and cold and windy winter. The average temperature in March is about 11 °C.

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Bucharest was mentioned in historical documents for the first time in 1459 and became the capital in 1859, after the union of Muntenia and Moldova in the Principality of Romania. According to the legend, Bucharest was founded by a shepherd called Bucur, who built a settlement amid the Vlasia forest.

The late nineteenth century and early twentieth century represent a period of great development of the city in terms of architecture, utilities and cultural establishments that earned Bucharest the familiar name of Petite Paris.

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The mid and late twentieth century history of Bucharest is comprised primarily of issues associated with Communist leadership in the area.

Our host  –  the Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest

SUB-URBAN 2017 is proudly hosted by the Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest

The University has a long standing tradition in high level engineering studies. In 1921, the “National School of Bridges and Roads” became the “Polytechnic School of Bucharest”, where the future engineers’ training was carried out in the Engineering Department which, in 1938, came to be known as the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In 1948 the Faculty of Civil Engineering became an independent higher education institution called nowadays The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest and encompassing 5 faculties : the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings, the Faculty of Hydrotechnics, the Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges, the Faculty of Building Services, the Faculty of Technological Equipment, the Faculty of Geodesy and the Faculty Engineering in Foregin Languages.

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