Sustainable urban development is currently one of the greatest challenges of the modern world. However, the importance of the subsurface environment of cities is often unrecognized, misunderstood or ignored. Most cities around the world are facing issues related to geology and urban hydrogeology requiring attention at least as much as the those provided by other planning related problems in urban areas. Currently, European cities are facing a considerable number of consequences due to the lack of accurate and detailed knowledge of the underground environment and, of course,  of the interaction between the urban groundwater and urban infrastructure.
        Urban Subsurface Planning and Management Week held in Bucharest, Romania from the 13 to 16 March 2017 aims to render a clear picture of the activities of subsurface urban management and the usage of information relevant to the process of urban planning. The main purpose of this symposium is to bring an important contribution to the process of interaction and networking among experts that develop knowledge about the urban subsurface and urban planners and decision makers involved in urban planning.
        The core event of the week will be the Final conference of COST Action SUB-URBAN (TU1206). SUB-URBAN – A European network to improve understanding and use of the ground beneath our cities – has established an European network of data and knowledge providers, and end-users of the knowledge to identify and recommend good practice, and a toolbox, relevant to planning, sustainable use, and management of the urban subsurface environment. In addition, five scientific workshops will take place during the week.
        A significant and successful outcome of COST SUB-URBAN has been the creation of a community of geoscience specialists, urban planners, representatives of local administrations, universities and research institutes, with common interests in the urban subsurface. The Action’s network extends to 33 countries, of which 30 are European, and coordinates, integrates and accelerates European research dedicated to modelling and representation of the urban underground environment and has developed a set of tools that allow wide dissemination and use of the knowledge acquired.
        Many cities/municipalities participate in the Action (Prague, Rotterdam, Glasgow, Vienna, Oslo, Dublin, Helsinki, Nantes, A Coruna, Hamburg, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Warsaw, Valetta, Bucharest and others).
        The COST Action SUB-URBAN (TU1206) European project and the Groundwater Engineering Research Center of the Technical University of Civil Engineering invites planners, urban designers, authorities and institutions managing the infrastructures of cities an active participation in the Urban Subsurface Planning and Management Week.

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