SUB-URBAN Planning and management week 2017 Call for Abstracts opened

We invite all participants to share their work by submitting an extended abstract, by *1st of February  within one of the following topics:

• State of the art in the construction, composition and functioning of the hydro-urban networks
• Geotechnical Structures in Urban Environment
• SUB-URBAN open geodata workshop
• Urban Hydrogeology

Please submit the articles to the following email address:

We strongly advise you to use the template [- .rtf file.doc file], when preparing your abstract.

All accepted works will be published within the Sub-Urban Book of Abstracts.
Please note that the extended abstracts should enclose details related to comparison to related work, proof of key theorems etc.


What is an Extended Abstract?
        An extended abstract is not simply a long abstract. An extended abstract should contain references, comparisons to related work, proofs of key theorems and other details expected in a research paper but not in an abstract.
       An extended abstract is a research paper whose ideas and significance can be understood in less than an hour. Writing an extended abstract can be more demanding than writing a research paper.
       Some things that can be omitted from an extended abstract: future work, details of proofs or implementation that should seem plausible to reviewers, ramifications not relevant to the key ideas of the abstract.

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